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    Hi Tumblr followers! Do you watch TV? Are you over 18? It would be great if you could take my 10(ish) minute survey about TV watching habits. You will be contributing to the great pantheon of TV audience research. And I would be so grateful! 

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    This is the greatest thing ever, please also read my Game of Thrones recap. 

    This is the greatest thing ever, please also read my Game of Thrones recap

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  4. Wrote this. On indiewire

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    The Collectin are raising funds in order to complete their new film, ‘Running Wild.’ You can see all the details of their campaign here.

    Description: “RUNNING WILD is a comedy/romance/western/road movie/coming of age story about LIZA (Zoë Worth) and ELI (Alden Ehrenreich), childhood…

  6. Essential Alyssa Edwards
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    Essential Alyssa Edwards

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    Here’s something that I want to make into A Thing. 

    Feeding Yourself is CUTE. Not Feeding Yourself is NOT CUTE. 

    You know how some women or girls will do that thing where it’s like, “oh my gosh, I’m so stressed out and I forgot to eat and I’m so frail and hungry and tiny and cute”?? 

    You know how they do that thing? 

    Let’s make it Not Cute. 

    Ladies, not nourishing your body is Not Cute. Not feeding yourselves nutritious regular meals is Not Cute. 

    What is Cute: consuming foods that sustain your body, make you feel happy and give you energy to be your best self. Feeling strong and capable and full of life. Whether it’s cheeseburgers or salads or fruit or pasta or burritos or sushi. Whatever works for your body. Eat it. Often. Rejoice and delight in it. 

    This is OUT: headaches, shaking, tummy pains, grouchiness and general fogginess from not eating. THAT IS NOT CUTE. 

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    Livin for this B, tbh. 
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    Livin for this B, tbh. 

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    AHmahzing reaction gif that I want to save for later.

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    Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man - a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virile. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus - they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.

    Monica Sjoo, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth (via tierdropp)

    Y’all need to know this.

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